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Welcome to the Write to Register Application

Incoming freshman will use this application to help determine which English class they should enroll in for their first semester at San Francisco State University.

Before Orientation, all incoming freshmen will make an important decision about which First Year Composition (English) course to take. Here at SF State, we believe YOU are the best person to make that decision. Write to Register will assist you in choosing the best and most appropriate option for your learning needs before you arrive at orientation to enroll in your courses. 

Write to Register will give you direct experience in writing a college-level essay through these steps:
  1. Explore and annotate a reading
  2. Plan and write a college-level essay based on that reading
  3. Upload your essay
  4. Answer questions in a short, self-reflective survey
  5. Make your final choice about which course is best for you
This process will take 2-3 hours and you can stop and start anytime. After you upload your essay and take the short survey, you will be given a recommendation for a class that may be right for you. However, this is only a recommendation. Ultimately only you can make a decision about which course is the best fit. So we'll ask you to take into account everything you know about yourself as a learner before you choose your course. If you'd like even more information about Write to Register and how it works, please visit:

Write to Register gives you the chance to choose from several pathways depending on your learning needs. All pathways provide credit towards graduation. Here is a brief overview of those pathways:
  • Accelerated English 114 is a 3-credit, single semester version of First Year Composition (FYC). Designed for confident students, the pace is quicker than in Stretch English 104/105 and the class size is slightly larger (20 students compared to 18 in the stretch course).
  • Stretch English 104/105 is the yearlong version of FYC. Course expectations and learning goals are "stretched out" over a full year, giving students more practice and opportunities for feedback. Students will have the same instructor and group of classmates during both semesters (104 in fall and 105 in spring). 6 credits earned towards graduation.
  • Stretch Composition for Multilingual Students 201/202 is the yearlong stretch course specifically designed to meet the learning needs of multilingual students, including speech and grammar instruction that is not available in either Stretch 104/105 or 114. This course is recommended for multilingual students who are coming directly from a high school context. 
  • Composition for Multilingual Students 209 is a course taught by instructors who are specifically experienced in teaching academic writing, grammar and speech courses for multilingual learners. If you need extra support, you will get a recommendation to pair your ENG 209 class with either ENG 204 (emphasis on academic reading) or ENG 212 (emphasis on advanced grammar). 
If you'd like, you can take a screenshot or photo of these descriptions. You can also access similar descriptions before you make your final choice by following the suggested links on your decision page. Now, let's get started!